It’s been awhile, but I feel as though it’s been long enough away from my blog. However, it was intentional- believe it or not. The topic of this blog is to reflect my passions and my determinations (or lack there of) in life, and how I cope with not fulfilling my dreams due to the […]

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Childlike Wonders

If you haven’t grasped the concept of my blog, it’s not necessarily your typical blog. Rather, it’s a memoir of my short yet astounding life up to this point. I believe that eighteen represents the turning point in an individual’s life because it is the age recognized by society as the beginning of adulthood. However, […]

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A Product of My Environment

I have succumbed to procuring a blog for myself and to make my life, philosophies, and desires known to society. However, this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision; this was a premeditated decision I made in regards to beginning a new chapter in my life. You, whoever reads this post, will know me well […]

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